Swollen Legs? Step on Your Whole body vibration machine



A whole body vibration machine can be an incredibly useful tool for someone with poor circulation or impaired lymphatic drainage.


Although marketed mostly as a weight loss or massage device, a   body vibration machine   can actually help one improve their overall health and cope easier with a series of unpleasant issues, among which the swelling of legs due to poor circulation.


These machines work on a simple principle: they send energy waves through the body, stimulating the muscle contractions. As muscles contract and lengthen back, they stimulate the blood flow and promote circulation of lymph as well.


When the lymphatic system doesn’t work properly


Unlike blood, lymph is not pumped through the lymph vessels by the heart, so it relies only on the action of muscles, which stimulate the lymph flow through their contractions. The lymphatic system is formed by these vessels, along with lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, thymus and adenoids.


Lymph removes bacteria, debris and toxins from the body, being involved in immunity and protecting the organism from ailments. If for some reason the lymph nodes become blocked, lymph is no longer filtered properly and pathogens can build up in the lymphatic system.


From here, they’re emptied back into the bloodstream, and can trigger a series of conditions like cold and flu, sore throat, local infections or fever. The blocked nodes get swollen and cause fluid buildup as well as tenderness, pain or discomfort in the affected areas. Most often, the swelling occurs in hands, feet, ankles, armpits, neck or groin area, where these nodes are located, or in the chest, abdomen and pelvis regions.


If the lymph nodes remain blocked for a longer period, they can trigger a condition called lymphedema, which requires medical intervention.


How a whole body vibration machine can help


A   body vibration machine   can help relieve the swelling and prevent the blockage of lymph nodes by stimulating the circulation of this fluid through the lymph vessels. When the WBV platform sends vibration waves to the muscles, their contractions push the lymph through these vessels, maintaining a healthy lymph flow.


To take advantage of this form of therapy, all you need to do is step on your whole body vibration platform and set it to a lower vibration frequency so as to get a full body massage. You can also place a chair in front of the machine and position only your feet on the moving platform or, in case your hands are swollen, you can put your hands and arms on the platform and get an upper body massage.


This will stimulate both the lymph and blood flow, contributing to a better circulation and delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells, reducing the risk of swelling. Getting a lymphatic drainage massage regularly is beneficial for your body as it strengthens the immune system by supporting the removal of toxins from the organism.


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